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“Susi does a great job of cleaning our home. She is thorough, professional and dependable. It is so wonderful to come home and find the house sparkling! I aprreciate that it is Susi that comes to our home and not someone different each time. Her prices are more reasonable than other services. I highly recommend her!

Lynn I., Windsor Heights

"Susi does a great job for me! She comes in, is efficient with her time and is a joy to be around! My cleaning day with Susi is always a great day!!"

Julie B., Clive

“We hired our first cleaning service, and were pleased with their results. When that person went out of business, we found Susi, and discovered a whole new world of clean! She is so thorough, we never knew what we were missing before! She is flexible with scheduling, and is respectful of our home"

Angie K., West Des Moines

"We look forward to "Susi Day" in our house, it's one of our favorite days of the week! Susi does a great job and is very responsive to any requests. She helps with both cleaning and cooking - because we usually don't want to mess up the kitchen on "Susi Day", we find ourselfes going out to eat!

Give Susi a call, you won't be disappointed"

Heather I., Waukee

"Susi for Susi Clean has cleaned my house for many years. I leave the house early on Tuesday morning. When I return at day's end the house is clean and neat. I like returning home and finding it cleaned. Whenever there is an extra area or item that needs special cleaning, Susi is always willing to provide the extra service. I am glad to have her manage the house cleaning for me! I appreciate her services"

Stephen T., Johnston

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